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Tespack Teslink Solar Direct Charger is a USB adapter, compatible with all Tespack Solar Panels and can be used to charge devices directly from the sun.

Can charge your Smartphone and tablet directly from the Sun. Use with one 7W solar panel for charging your Smartphone and with two 7W panels for charging tablets. Continuous charging and for larger devices such as cameras and Laptops, you will require Tespack 20K laptop power bank.



TesLink – Direct Solar Charger


  • Power indicator LED
  • Works with all Tespack Solar Panels
  • Robust construction, designed for extreme conditions and usage
  • Max. output 5V/3A
  • Use with 7W panel and charge Mobile Phones




Capacity Dimensions Weight Extra Specs


(USB Link Adaptor)

Current Output: 3A 43(L) x 22(W) x 11(H)mm 18g Voltage Input: 18V
Voltage Output: 5V


4 reviews for TesLink

  1. Vicy

    It really works ! I charged my iPhone in no time!

  2. Joey

    impressed ! I used the Teslink with the solarpenel to charge my GoPrp on the beach.

  3. James

    Teslink is my lifesaver combined with the 7w solar panel! My phone battery is always full

  4. jessica

    Small + handy = Great !

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