How sponsoring a child can influence education forever

In collaboration with Children of Hope & Crosthwaite Primary School

Tespack is proud to announce that we will be providing our energy solutions to support Crosthwaite Church of England Primary School in the UK, who sponsor 2 adorable children, Samuel and Treza in Uganda and have the opportunity to send the children gifts such as clothes and toys. The sponsorship is made possible thanks to CRMI, a charity who have a sponsorship programme – Children of Hope. Peter Gregson, one of the trustees for the organisation, has stated the importance that technology has on education –  “We believe that education is the way out of poverty and in today’s world, education inevitably involves a certain amount of technology”.

Crosthwaite Primary School are very keen to look outside their local area. They plan to do so and have many links regionally and nationally. Matthew Jessop, the headteacher of the school, states;

“The aim of the school having more links is to educate the children here about the wider world, opportunities and experiences in other parts of the world and how they differ from our own and also to help where we can – encouraging the children to support others and help where possible, as well as appreciating other cultures and religions is a large part of our school ethos.”

It is the primary school’s third year sponsoring Samuel and Treza in Uganda and they hope to have a member of staff accompany the Charity trips that happen a few times each year. Children of Hope have two amazing schools in Uganda that they support Samuel and Treza both attend Way of Salvation Primary School. This school is located in Bombo, about 40 miles North of Uganda’s capital. The other school is Great Hope Primary School at Nakaseke. Although both areas are extremely poor they have some highly talented children and teachers! The charity believes that “education is the key to a better future and a school provides a hub and and much needed facilities for the community.”

Although education is a significant aim for the charity, they also support many aspects of communities. Many of these projects include medical, social housing, supporting disabled children and their families and enterprise. The charity are dedicated to meeting the needs of the communities, ensuring that all of their work in Uganda is sustainable. Children of Hope are committed to ensure that their children reach their aspirations, as they not only support them through primary school but also help them to reach their full potential. Some of the young people who have been through the sponsorship programme are now starting their careers in their chosen profession such as teachers, engineers, hairdressers, tailors and mechanics.

Tespack Powering the Educational Mission

The key aim of the educational mission is to create a three-way learning experience with English and Finnish Schools, as well as collaborating with schools in Bombo. Tespack products can be utilised to provide power in all situations; resulting in a drastic enhancement in the educational capabilities of the students and teachers in Bombo.

Tespack aim to provide unlimited power to all parts of the World; regardless of the circumstances. Educating future generations and being able to contribute greatly to their learning and aspirational goals is a key mission for Tespack. By providing power to the teachers, who have the role of educating the youth of society, helping students follow their career paths and increase the possibility of creating young leaders, who can shape the future of individuals in their community. Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children for the formative years of their development and the importance of teachers is something that cannot be understated. They involve themselves in moulding their students into responsible citizens of their country and Tespack is proud to create energy solutions that support such an inspirational movement in Africa with Children of Hope.

With the use of solar energy and laptops, the limit to which these children can learn is limitless.

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