Future of Energy & The Mobile School Makeathon

The lack of energy in various parts of the world and its power to change lives is now, more than ever, a topic worth acknowledging and discussing, and Sustainable Development Goals are the way to do it. SDG are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, focusing on the goals created by the United Nations to not only discuss how to fight environmental degradation but also improve poverty, inequality, climate, prosperity, peace and justice, by 2030.

Amongst these goals, affordable energy takes the 7th position in the UN SDG. This goal has the purpose of  ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services and to increase the share of renewable energy. Currently in Africa there are 1.8 million children who still do not have access to energy, and who better to change this than the younger generations? Starting now, these generations should be given incentives to get involved in projects to help, to change the world and work towards the goals for a better future. This is something Tespack works on everyday and it’s time for resources to be put into teaching and involving our future generations as part of the solution.

Tespack in Partnership with Whitsunday Anglican School

With this in mind, Tespack is extremely excited to share the news of its partnership with the Whitsunday Anglican School (WAS), an extraordinary establishment that has been recognised as one of The Educator’s Innovative schools of 2018. One of 40 schools nationwide to be recognised for their innovation in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), helping the younger generations to improve their skills and increase their knowledge in the hopes of making a real difference.

Tespack’s partnership with WAS comes down to powering the outstanding Future of Energy & Mobile School Makeathon.


Whitsunday Anglican School is excited to partner with Tespack on this fantastic opportunity. The Future of Energy and Mobile School Makeathon enables students to participate in a challenge that involves STEM, Design, Global Learning and Entrepreneurialism. We hope this program becomes a spark that ignites the flame of potential opportunity for each participant.

Whitsunday Anglican School

Future Of Energy & Mobile School Makeathon

The Future of Energy & Mobile School Makeathon is a project created to motivate and encourage the future generations to be innovative, by creating their own energy solutions. Solutions which have the purpose of alleviating various global issues and can significantly impact our future and the lives of many individuals, not to mention their impact on younger generations’ awareness of the problems we face.

The Makeathon is a project where students will prepare a design concept and learn STEM based design processes. They are to come up with innovative designs for the creation of their own energy solutions, which will be presented in teams of 2-5 members, to the WAS Shark Tank. This project’s focus is purposely kept broad in order to let the students be creative and design solutions to problems on a wide scope.

Students of all ages are able to sign up for this project and be in the chance of winning Tespack Solar Products!


“It is a duty for all companies small or big, to contribute and to try and find solutions together with the younger generations for the problems our society experience. Tespack feels that including our younger generation will bring innovative solutions and will teach both sides to understand each other.”

Tespack CEO Mario Aguilera

Winners Powered by Tespack

At Tespack, we value, acknowledge and like to reward projects and movements that represent a shift towards a better world, a brighter future. Therefore it is with extreme pleasure that Tespack can award the lucky winners of the Future of Energy & Mobile School Makeathon,  with a FREE Tespack Indie Attachable Solar Bag, Solar Fast Charge – Join as many Tespack Solar Panels as you want and the MINI 5K Charger, Power Smartphones up to 2 times,  Tablets 1 time & GoPro 5 times! Aside from winning prizes, the students will be offered mentoring on taking their ideas to the market and gain funding to be able to process their ideas further.

Stay tuned for news on the winners so you too, can support them and help make a difference!


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