Frequently asked questions and answers

All our power banks can be taken with you as part of your hand-luggage when traveling by plane. Our power banks have gone through the strictest airport security checks in the US, China, Israel and Europe among others.

Yes, you can charge your phone from Tespack 20K while you are recharging it from our solar panel. However, please connect your phone first to the power bank so that is is charging and then connect the power bank to the solar panel for the best performance. But please do bear in mind that by doing this, charging your Tespack 20K from the sun will take longer as the power keeps getting drained by your phone.

All our solar panels have the longest manufacturing warranty in the market which is 3 years due to their high efficiency and durability. For power banks and all bags, the manufacturing warranty is 1 year in case of faulty product.

Yes you can. With our Tesbank 20K you can charge two devices at the same as it has two output ports. With Tespack 18K you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. However, keep in mind that when charging multiple devices at the same time, your power bank will run out of power faster than if charging only one device.

You can charge your iPhone and iPad with all our power banks.

With Tespack 20K you can charge your laptop and other small electronics. The power bank comes with laptop adapters that are suitable for most common laptops (with the exception of Macs). For MacBook users, you will need to get a separate adapter. For more help with this, please refer to or ask our chat and we will advise you where and how you can get the adapter.

All phones are different and vary considerably in terms of their battery capacity. For this reason, the charging times vary depending on your phone model.

As a general rule, it will take the same time to charge your phone with our power bank as it would take to charge with the original phone charger from the wall socket (however, again this depends on your phone model).

Please refer for each product site for the most detailed information in regards to charging times.

In order to charge your camera with our power banks, you will need to have a universal battery charger, which can be connected to our power bank. With the universal battery charger you can charge pretty much all cameras/video cameras. Charger can be bought separately.

All our solar panels are waterproof. They have been tested in all weather conditions around the globe, so you can be assured that water, snow or rain will not affect their performance.

As with our Tespack 20K, you will want to keep them dry and safe as you would do with your mobile phone. However, our Mini 5K solar charger is water-repellant, shock proof and dust proof.

Charge indicator tells you how much battery life you have left on your Tesbank.

1 LED light equals around 5-24%, 2 LED lights equal around25-49%, 3 LED lights equal 50-74%, and 4 LED lights equal75-100%.

All our power banks are compatible with our 7W solar panel. For charging Tespack 20K from the sun with our 7W solar panel, you simply need to connect the panel to the power bank. For charging Tespack 18K or Mini with our solar panel, you will need use TesLink direct charging accessory (which comes with all Smartpacks and Solar Kit set and can also be purchased separately).