What our Partners have to say about Tespack

Tespack has been recognised by TNW as one of the Hottest startups in Finland! And why, I hear you ask…well that’s simple. Our vision is to continuously break barriers with technology by specializing in smart mobile energy solutions. Combining the latest solar tech, premium materials and smart IoT, to create the most innovative mobile energy solutions that solve the biggest problems of mobile devices: battery life and connectivity. Making Everyone Energy Independent. We’re also big believers in not waiting around for opportunities to just present themselves, instead, we create them.

Throughout 2018 we have joined forces with many amazing companies and NGO’s that are paving the way in society with the visions and achievements.

Being in a partnership with such big organisations has led us to adapt and provide more to communities, to help ensure we reach the goal of making everyone truly energy independent. Even in places where energy doesn’t exist.

Here’s what some of our partners have to say about us!

Save the Children

One of the major partnerships is one of the biggest NGOs Save the Children. Operating in over 120 countries improving children’s lives carrying out projects in Africa, Asia and Russia, with humanitarian work assisting children and their families in all parts of the world who are victims of disasters.

At Tespack, we connect with their vision in living in a world where every child has the right to live, to be protected, to develop and to participate. We thrive upon powering the future generations education through our energy products that gives them access to basic needs like lighting and mobile devices, as every child deserves the right to a good education. The Myanmar project that we have been powering with

Save the Children and assisting their team, not only paves the way for children to reach their dreams but it allows the whole community to feel safe,  raise their awareness which will create a positive domino effect for years to come.

“This is a useful piece of equipment in the field, especially when working in places with no electricity. It is good to know, that there is always extra power at hand, since the cell phone batteries run off easily.”

Reeta Partanen, Partnership Manager – Save the Children Finland


Austrian Space Forum

The Austrian Space Forum is an organization of aerospace specialists, which serves as a platform for the space sector and the public to communicate while having an important role in inspiring the future generation. This is done by conducting relevant and interdisciplinary research, and supporting careers through the offering of internships to university students, enabling them to take part in projects involving research and development.

We work closely with the Austrian Space Forum where our products are tested and used, which ensure the quality for the end consumer.  During the Mars analog expeditions our products were a vital part, not only to provide them with energy and power, but it meant that provides them with safety the need.

“Tespack products have been vital for the safety of our team during Mars analog expeditions” Austrian Space Forum


*Picture credit: Florian Voggeneder

Plan International

Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls, also currently the leading NGO to focus primarily on children and youth.

Plan International  has projects in more than 71 countries and has brought education to thousands of children, covering important topics such as sexual health and early pregnancy, a problem of significant importance in Africa as HIV/AIDS represents the biggest cause of death amongst women.

Tespack and Plan International share the aim of removing the barriers that stand in the way of children getting an education and living their lives to their full-potential, aware of the choices they make and in control of their future. With this in mind, Tespack started partnering with Plan International in 2018 in Mozambique, where 1.8 million people currently live with HIV. Tespack developed specific mobile energy solutions to allow individuals to learn anywhere in the world, even in the remotest areas, making it easier for children to be taught and informed.










Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications companies, providing a wide range of services to both consumer and enterprise with a perpetuous focus on innovation, and the thrilling mission of bringing the future forward.

Due to the obvious alignment of both Vodafone’s and Tespack’s motivation to innovate and goal of contributing to the future of technology, a partnership was born and both have joined forces. Vodafone supports Tespack and its mission by selling Tespack products on Vodafone’s e-commerce website throughout the Netherlands, allowing Vodafone to also become more involved with the renewable energy sector, a industry that will evidently become  more relevant as we travel into the future.

“Tespack knows how to translate ordinary solar capabilities into cool, new and functional products.”

Vodafone Senior Innovation Manager, Max Kranendijk



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