A company is as strong as its weakest member. At Tespack we pride ourselves on hiring the best but not only in skill but also in heart. Everyone including interns or people we collaborate with have been screened and are known for being approachable and easy to get along. We have had to learn the hard way that if we cannot get along we will never thrive towards the same target.

Working hard is not enough in order to become successful. We train to keep and to become a leader. At Tespack we do not have employees, we like that everyone might have a different opinion in order to reach a goal. Our team is a group of multitalented individuals that believe in something more than work and money. We believe that we are leaving a legacy that will resonate trough time as we are the pioneers in our field.

We are target orientated, innovative and bold.
Wearable Tech is a new field that is being recently developed around the world and Tespack is one of the leading companies in the world that is leading the transition into smart-wear. The whole team works towards the same vision. To power people on the move and to focus in fixing the biggest issue in people´s lives. Mobile energy generation.