Energy Backpack: Work at your favorite place!

Power Laptops & Mobile Devices!


With adventures of Summer knocking on our doors, there wouldn’t be a better time to experience life to its fullest! Why stay in a cold dark office corner, when you can write emails, blog or continue with your daily tasks at your favorite place? Imagine working at the Beach, terrace of a restaurant or simply being more proactive during a travelling trip. It could surely make life more convenient and fun!

Technology’s battery limit is the Joy Killer

Technology was sold to us to make our life much easier and provide us with a flexible lifestyle. Sure! We can work in different locations but the more closely we look into the reality, the more we realise that work and technology has forced us to be chained to wall sockets and more importantly buildings. Our devices provide only few magical hours to taste those wonderful moments and as soon as we are about to press the email send button, the power is taken away from us.

Most of us don’t think about mixing leisure with work due to the limits of technology “Energy” and also management, but flexible working and careers have different needs and should also be about working in places where there are no sockets: Events, airports, forests, beaches, restaurants, or even our favourite places like a sauna (don’t be surprised Finns are crazy). We actually were in a party with a waterproof speaker in the sauna, it was fun.

Facing the reality is very annoying and it is not possible to be a true nomad as most devices run of out battery in less than 4 hours. This issue worsens as your battery decreases its efficiency (sometimes less than 2 hours!). Sure, there are some other low quality energy solutions that can provide energy to Smartphones. But there is another down side on those solutions:
– They take ages to charge your devices
– Can only charge a Smartphone
– Most of the time it becomes another extra device to charge
– And become an extra weight to carry when the energy has drained.

Making life More Convenient and Fun!

Time to Unplug ourselves from the wall sockets! Tespack was born to help you be in POWER of your life and be in control of your devices and work wherever you want, by creating reliable products that allow you create energy even if you are not close to a wall socket! Even Antarctica if needed!


Through our Solar Smartpacks you can:

  • Power Laptops or any other big devices
  • Charge your laptop at the same speed as wall sockets
  • Have been going through the most strictest airport security checks.
  • You have power  for almost 1 week to power an Smartphone (up to 13 charges!)
  • Create your energy even through an airplane window (Solar Panel fits perfectly in the window)
  • Can be re-charged fast in less than 5Hrs with wall socket.

How it Works? Plug & Charge!

Create your Energy either from the Sun or wall Socket. Then you are ready to charge any mobile device. All our products are certified to be used in Airplanes.

Has been tested by scientists like Austrian Space Forum in the most extreme weather conditions including Antarctica and Sahara.

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