Easter is coming! Spring has already started, the weather is getting nicer and nature is flourishing once again! So go outside, enjoy the weather and nature and live life to the fullest!

To provide you with a helping hand, we are providing you with a special Easter gift: Buy the Indie Attachable Solar Bag and receive a FREE Mini 5K!

Go out and make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer…

Cool Facts about Indie Solar Bag (Attachable)

  • You can use the indie with any power bank to store your energy or directly charge your mobile devices.
  • The indie 7W Solar Panel allows you to join as many solar panels to create your own Solar Energy Station! Connect as many Solar Panels.
  • Indie has been tested by astronauts & scientists.
  • It is water resistant; shock resistant; light weight and Dust proof
  • You can use the indie to charge your devices through an airplane window. Due to Tespack’s 7W solar panel unique oval shape.
  • Attach your Indie on any backpack or carry it on its own. Perfect for hiking backpacks and outdoors

Indie Charging times

Facts about Mini

  • Generate energy from the sun and store it in the MINI to power your devices
  • No matter what you do the MINI will survive as it is : water resistant, shock resistant, light weight and dust proof.
  • Recharge the mini by putting it in the sun or charge with the wall socket.
  • MINI also allows you to charge two devices simultaneously

Mini Charging times



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