Digital Nomad Tips from Experts!

New Year…  New You!

We have the motivation, the tips and the experts who can help make your 2019 adventure more exciting and successful. Tespack has had the pleasure of interviewing very successful digital nomads, who have shared their expertise in order to give you the best help and advice you need to succeed with your travelling goals; making your 2019 New Year aspirations come true.

Meet the Digital Nomad Experts!
Estela Kun – Founder of Freedom Experience

Estela Kun, the founder of Freedom Experience and co-founder of Inspiral, discovered this term 4 years ago. She describes this as a “great relief” to know that she was not alone.  She is also the co-author of Freedom by Design: ‘Living Life on Your Terms’ with 15 other freedom-preneurs, which is now available on Amazon! In the space of 14 years, Estela has lived in 8 different countries and has recently created Freedom X Fest, the first outdoor festival of the location independent movement hosting over 400 inspiring entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

1. Keep an Open Mind Estela’s advice

Estela suggests you should “see every choice as an opportunity to learn and grow from”. When you decide to become a digital nomad, you will have to reinvent aspects of your life, such as where you live and when you get paid. For many, this can be challenging, as we have been tailored to live our lives a certain way. The challenges of being a digital nomad stem from the realisation, you have to live a totally different lifestyle and this can take some time to get used to.

Stuart Jones – Founder of Coworkation


Similarly, Stuart Jones, founder of Coworkation, has  lived the past 17 years with freedom, running his businesses from different parts of the World.  He is now an advocate for the digital nomad and location independent lifestyle. With the ability to combine his passions of travel and business, he has had the opportunity to experience the joy and the benefits of living a life of freedom. This is certainly exemplified with the knowledge he has travelled to over 80 countries whilst  maintaining his entrepreneurial ventures!



2. Find the Right Community Stuart’s & Estela’s Advice

When Stuart first started out as a digital nomad he says “I would never run into other people living the same lifestyle”. To overcome this, our experts suggest travelling to destinations which are nomad ‘hotspots’… such as Ubud or Canggu in Bali, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Las Palmas in the Canary Islands or Medellin in Colombia.  More communities are forming in more parts of the world giving you greater choice and making it easier to connect.

Knowing how and where to connect with like-minded people in new places is vital! Similarly, Estela says that finding like-minded group of people is “not an easy task”. She suggests attending many global conferences, festivals, retreats and gatherings as this will make it much easier to find a community!

3. Get into the Routine Stuart Jones’ Advice

Stuart also emphasises on the importance of knowing how to structure your life so that you have freedom and flexibility, but still manage to maintain a certain level of routine and structure. He says “these kind of issues need to be thought about, in order to maximise the potential that location independence offers you. Which can then lead to an extraordinary life.” He also says how important it is to take advantage of the freedom that location independence gives you.  


Alexandra Kozma – Author of ‘Morning Mindset’

Alexandra Kozma, a digital nomad from Hungary (where the whole concept of being location independent is still new) proves there is no age limit, as she started her freedom lifestyle at the early age of 20! At only 24 years old, Alexandra is a co-organiser of Nomad Summit, which is a 3-day conference for digital nomads that is organised in Chiang Mai every January. She is a woman of many skills as she is also an audio editor for the ActiveGrowth podcast. In her spare time, she enjoys writing for her Hungarian blog where she translates from English to Hungarian to provide advice on how to become a freelance copywriter! She also has a daily journal: ‘Morning Mindset’.

4. Get into the Habit!  Alexandra’s Advice

Alexandra emphasises on the importance of having habits. Her rule is to spend enough time in one location; meaning you can fulfil needs and requirements efficiently such as, arranging visa’s, and buying groceries. She says “it’s also important to set up rules for yourself: for example, turn off your laptop before sunset, have a lunch break, go for a run, meditate, and so on”. These simple habits will enable you to have the best possible experience in every destination you choose!


Most importantly, our best tip is to make sure you have fun and keep an open mind that would work best for you. Being a digital nomad is all about finding yourself, and enjoying a lifestyle that suits best according to your needs, whilst being free. Wherever your journey takes you, Tespack will power your aspirations with unlimited energy.


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