As a growing company, we are always open to new exciting partnerships, which help us in our goal of bringing solar energy to all parts of the World. We are very glad to introduce you to two of our new partners in Mexico. Both are leading companies in their sectors in Central America, so they are worth of introducing them to you and share how our Solar Energy Revolution is improving their performance at work.


Tespack and Rossbach Partnership Project


Since its foundation in 1957, Rossbach (Mexico City) has been the Mexican leading company in meteorology and telemetry, in terms of profitability, efficiency, quality and service. They are always looking for new technologies that can help them to create and improve their products and services. So it was a natural step for them to start using Solar Energy and latest technology as part of their 2016 agenda.

This is the reason why Rossbach de Mexico decided to join the Tespack Solar Energy Revolution. Our solar backpacks are already helping their engineers while they work in remote areas. They keep their employees safe and allow them to have access to communication at all times, for any emergency purposes. In addition, they have increased their productivity levels as their technical engineering equipment can be powered by our solar backpacks and advanced tech power banks


Tespack and Delta Partnership Project


Delta Technology Services (Tijuana) is a Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience in the Foreign Trade System market. They control the Mexican import and export processes for global trading companies operating under the Mexican decree. Since their partnership with Tespack, all their workers (including managing staff), have joined the mobile revolution with an aim of becoming a much more efficient company. Merging their services with our solutions shows that renewable energy must and can be used in the industrial sector, as a reliable source of energy for people on the go.

Delta´s COO, Carlos Salazar, is a very busy businessman, who spends most of his time in the outdoors, away from his desk. For him, it is very important to always keep his devices fully powered, so he was very happy with the usefulness of his Tespack 20K. “Before, I was always worrying about having to charge my laptop before leaving the office. Now, my Tespack solar backpack removes my worries and gives me more freedom to plan”.

Delta Solar Energy Revolution

Delta Technology Solar System Revolution

These are just two examples of the many companies that have improved their output at work thanks to Tespack. Also it is worth sharing that there are many companies approaching us on a daily  basis with different ideas on how to use our sources of power.

Feel free to contact us to have further information about Tespack products and all the benefits that our Solar Energy Revolution can add to your company.


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