Defense Innovation Award 2017

Tespack is proud to announce winning the TechConnect Defense Innovation Award 2017 in Tampa, Florida/US. The Defense Innovation Technology event brings together global innovations from every corner of the world; an event where business and defense innovation leaders gather to accelerate the latest technology needs for warfare and security but also implementation of solutions that are supported by the DoD (department of defense) for the United States of America.

We started our company with the vision of making energy mobile. Everything has gone mobile from phones to laptops so the logic dictates that energy needs to go mobile as well. However, when we talk about making energy mobile, we mean to make Energy Generation mobile (so you can create your own energy on-the-go). There are different ways of creating energy such as kinetics, heat, wind, and solar. We started with solar and implemented it in different array of products including the first Solar Smart Helmet in the world.

The modern soldier and warfare is mobile and is in the process of becoming automated (couple of years to go until that happens) and to some extent trying to become unmanned. All this demands energy. As warfare has always been mobile, the needs of soldiers and military units have also been mobile thus our solutions in the outdoors can well be applied in the rescue and military market.


Tespack is known as the first 100% wearable orientated technology company in the world. We focus in the most important part of technology “Mobile Energy Solutions” but with an ambitious vision, to make the products nobody would dare to make due to their complexity and risk, such as creating the First Solar Smart Helmet in the World. Not to mention the Ultra Fast safe Technology that can power a 2900mAh battery (size of Smartphone battery) in less than 12 minutes. We implemented this technology into a futuristic product and showed it to the DoD in USA and to a panel of experts at the event, receiving very positive feedback and comments from everyone.

First Solar Smart Helmet

Ultra Fast Power BankUltra Fast Power Bank


We would like to thank iNovar who helped us to get into the program, especially their COO David Monks for all his support. Not forgetting the Program Committee for providing us the 2017 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award.

We would also like to thank for the opportunity to have met with people who create and evaluate the equipment that the military will use in modern warfare, people who gave us their valuable feedback: United States Special Operations command (Colonel James D. Miller), Director of Operational Energy (James Caley), and Deputy CTO Division at Marine Corps Warfighting lab (Harry Dreany) who personally took their time in order to suggest improvements, the roads to take in order to cooperate with the DoD, and who also praised us for our achievements.  

As a company, winning the award is important for us as it validates that our technology not only can be used in the outdoors but in order to improve the safety of the people who fight for their countries. Contributing to the safety of personnel is something that we believe should be the priority in our product road map as for us, it is not only about keeping mobile phones charged at all times but also about how to use our technology for the greater good.

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President of Nabell, U.S.A. (Don Stewart) – CEO Tespack (Mario Aguilera) – President of Nabell, Japan (Norio Nagai) – COO of Inovar (David Monks)


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