Cycling, I love it, but not like this.

Cycling… It’s fun, it’s convenient, it’s a wonderful way to exercise and an even nicer way to travel to work, to the supermarket and to your friend’s house. It stops you from carrying that dreadful  ‘CO2 emissions’ cloud over your head and helps you to get those legs nice and toned. Let’s just say, the concept is a pleasant one. However, before we all get on our bikes and storm out of the front door with excitement, cycling is more than going down the street with the breeze hitting our faces and our hair flying in the wind.

There are risks associated with it…


Did you know that in the Netherlands, there were 206 cyclist casualties in comparison to 201 car passenger casualties, in 2017? The highest figure recorded in 10 years.

59% of the accidents recorded in the EU also happen in urban areas, places with plenty of traffic and movement. One of the reasons why premature action, such as moving without indicating, leads to most accidents amongst cycling. Poor lighting also plays a role with 27% of accidents occurring due to it.

Believe it or not, the beautiful idea of commuting by bike, comes with some danger, whether we like it or not, cyclists do account for the second biggest group of casualties on the road.

Take the Road on your own terms

But how can this happen in Europe, especially the Netherlands, the cyclists’ haven? Could it be the infrastructure? No… The Infrastructure is one of the best in the world. Lack of cyclists? No, with 84% of the country’s population owning a bike, that certainly can’t be the cause. Then what?

The cause comes down to the precautions, you, as a cyclist, take. It doesn’t matter if there are many or no cyclists, if there are bike lanes or not,  the precautions you take when you hop on your bike are EQUALLY as important. It comes down to you, to make your journeys safer.

Your boss, the city you live in, the mayor, no one should be in charge of what happens with your life, you must be in charge of what you do and how your path unrolls and cycling should be no different, be the one in charge of your commuting experiences.

The Wheeler: World’s First Smart Cycling Backpack

At Tespack, we are all about giving people the power they should have, empower individuals to be the masters of their energy, to be the ones who write their own stories, on their own terms. With this in mind, Tespack has created the product that will give you the control you deserve, while on the road. The product that will make your journey’s safer and easier, regardless of where you live, how impatient the drivers in your area are, or how dark it is when you leave work, especially during those winter nights.

This product is called the Wheeler.  A POWERFUL & SMART Cycling Backpack that will turn your world upside down, built with IoT and automation features and the ForeverOn App. Integrating technology with everyday products, taking our customers into the future of innovation.

This product comes with built in
LED light indicators to make you safer, enable you to indicate without using your hands, create a seamless integration into normal traffic and ensure you are never left in the dark. GPS and Map Planning to provide you with the quickest routes, avoiding the dreadful traffic while giving you all the information about your journey at once, from weather to street names, to images of locations.

A Black Box feature similar to aeroplane tech which records information such as; time of collision, weather conditions and geolocation which will give you all the reassurance of your actions and protect you in case of an accident or a hit and run. This feature comes with an SOS Automated system, which records your stops, journey data and any unexpected problems for insurance purposes and can contact local authorities automatically in the case of a road incident, as it has built in sensors. Lastly, the Anti-Theft feature to make sure you don’t lose the indispensable asset to your commuting experience and a top of the market Solar Panel, of which the capacity can be increased to 42W, to allow you to charge your devices on the go, from phones to laptops.

The Wheeler was created to ensure the maximum safety, ensure that those that leave for work in the morning, return home to their families without a single scratch or complication while riding comfortably with the tools necessary for the most accommodating journey.

Everything one would need, in one place.
The bag, the safety, the comfort, the convenience, the app, the power in your hand.


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