For the past years, we have been working with many governmental entities, armies, companies, and Higher Education institutions in providing different energy solutions and tailoring our technology and design according to their needs. So we thought it was time to provide these options to  all our customers who might require customised solar backpacks for their teams, whether it is for the city or for places like Antarctica! You can count on our professional designing team.

How it Works?

We use the best Solar and battery technology that is easy to use. Just plug and recharge our power bank either from the sun or from the wall socket and you are ready to go (provides fast charging). In simple terms, just PLUG AND PLAY!
customised solar backpacks how it works

What makes us Unique?

We provide one of the lightest and most efficient energy solutions in the market. We currently provide the Lightest Solar Backpacks as our panels weigh less than 350 grams and our power banks start from 234 grams and can even power laptops.
Our Solar Panels are also detachable and compatible with all our backpacks plus they have been designed to be used on an airplane window. Most importantly, our power banks are also Airport Security Approved and follow the IATA regulations. More info about our technology HERE. 

Proven and Durable Technology

Our products have been tested in extreme weather conditions from Antactartica to the Amazons by scientists, Astronauts, Extreme sportsmen who rely on mobile energy to perform their daily activities and succeed on their missions. This is the reason our technology and materials have been designed for extreme climate and activities.
We are proud to mention that our technology has been tested and is currently being used by big organisations like United Nations, Church Aid, Intel Delta, MTV, and Austrian Space Forum. We are currently testing and creating a Solar backpack for Mars with scientists and astronauts; for more info feel free to CHECK OUT OUR PREVIOUS BLOG.

Customised Solar Backpack Options

If you are interested in customised solar backpacks whether it is adding a name, logo, changing the whole design or customising our energy technology solutions according to your needs (wireless, fast charging,etc), feel free to book an appointment with us by following this LINK (please choose sales category) or email us to
– PREMIUM CUSTOMISED SOLAR BACKPACK: Change the whole design, backpack color and size, and include your team or company logo in the whole set. You can even customise the power banks!

(Startupbootcamp customised solar backpacks. The number one Accelator in Europe.)

– PREMIUM SOLAR BACKPACK: Add your company and team logo to the Solar backpack, available only in black. Doesn’t include customising your power bank.

(United Nations customised solar backpacks.)

PERSONALISED TESPACK SOLAR BACKPACK: This package allows you to customize your own backpack by adding your name, team or company logo anywhere in the backpack.  

(American-Polish VC Fund, Arkley customised solar backpacks.)

  Future Of Energy!

Feel free to book an appointment with one of our representatives by following this LINK. Please choose sales meeting category when booking the appointment.

Customised products start from €49.90! 


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