Undoubtedly Pokémon Go has become one of the coolest games to play in this Summer 2016. At this point, I’m sure that you have already spotted people around your city hunting meowths, zubats, charmanders or mankeys, training them in the gyms and grabbing pokéballs at the official stops. Pokémon Go fever has arrived and all of us “gotta catch ‘em all!”

Unfortunately all this fun has a big issue, an extremly high battery consumption. Just 30 minutes of play will drop the battery life on your phone by 15%, which is a lot!.  Specially if you are a city-slicker or an adventurer that spends most of the day outside…and of course, far from your phone charger.

Pokemon Go Meowth Tespack
Pokemon Go Zubat Tespack
Pomen Go Charmander Tespack
Pokemon Go Mankey Tespack

This was also the case of the New Zealander Tom Currie, the first man who quitted his job in order to become a professional Pokémon Trainer. Just two weeks ago he began a 2-months adventure around New Zealand, walking miles and miles every day, traveling to the most unexplored places of the land, in order to catch the most rare Pokémonas well as capturing breath taking pictures. 

All this hunting creates a huge battery drain on Tom’s phone… and a man who is able to catch 2,446 Pokémon (121 Unique) in few weeks, perfectly knows the struggles of having limited energy, even when using the saver’s mode on the application.

We couldn’t say No to a Pro Pokémon Go Trainer when he requested to produce a Solar backpack team “Instinct” (Yellow) to have unlimited energy and catch more Pokémon during his long trips. 

Tom Currie Pokemon Go Tespack

Professional Pokémon trainer Tom Currie  has contacted Tespack to help him on his quest, as our Mobile Energy technology is the most advanced in the market: 

What about you? Have you already chosen your Pokémon Go Team?

We have new beautiful Solar backpacks with limited color editions. Just chose your team and “Catch ’em all”!

Tespack Solar Backpack Red Pokemon Go
Tespack Solar Backpack Yellow Pokemon Go
Tespack Solar Backpack Blue Pokemon Go


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