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Tespack Powering Different Segments

Tespack Powering Different Segments After years of innovation and creating mobile energy products that help travellers, scientists, governmental organisations and NGOs stay charged, Tespack has decided to focus more on the customer experience and quality of our products. Becoming a synonym of energy on the go for the modern user it is not an easy […]

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TESPACK TRIUMPHS IN KOREA:  WINNING 40,000USD & MAJOR PARTNERSHIPS! When we say ‘Never lose your power’ we really mean it. Tespack has gone to Korea’s leading accelerator programme ran by the Korean Government (NIPA) to bring the best tech and innovative products to their region. Tespack was announced as one of the top 2 winners […]

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Solar Energy In Extreme Conditions (Vol 1 – Klemens Weisleitner)

In contrast to what many people think, Solar Energy is not just a source of cheap power for buildings with facades “decorated” with beautiful and huge solar panels. Since many years ago, it has also been helping extreme outdoors athletes and scientists in their tough task of reaching uncharted spots and develop new technologies. If we […]