Tespack is a Finnish company, established in 2013 and a multiple award-winner (30+ Awards). Tespack is known as the first 100% wearable orientated technology company in the world. The Solar backpacks are tested and used by Astronauts and other scientists. Tespack focuses in the most important part of the technology: the best Mobile Energy Solutions.

Tespack solar backpack is not only equipped with the best technology, but also has the best design that is appealing, convenient and of a high quality. With the solar backpack, you can charge compatible portables: A Surface Book, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Acer, Medison, Asus etc. Not only laptops can be charged with Tespack’s solar backpacks, but also tablets (iPad, Samsung tab, Surface Pro) and smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei). Tested by Astronauts



1. Solar Backpack can be used as a mobile solar power plant
With the solar panels, it is even possible to create a mobile solar power plant. You connect the solar panels together to create more power at the same time. The TesLoop can be used to connect the solar panels and create much more power. This way you create power for different events, such as on a fair or even while camping.

How to set up a Mobile Solar Power Plant

2. Solar Backpack used above the clouds
The solar backpack can be used above the clouds as well. Being on an airplane without a wall-socket can be frustrating sometimes. Another reason why Tespack is the best Solar backpack. Take your solar panel out of the solar backpack and put the solar panel against the airplane-window. Now, you charge your mobile device on the airplane, without using a wall-socket.

3. Solar backpack same capacity as the wall-socket
The third best reason to use a solar backpack is the ability to charge your mobile devices always and anywhere without using a wall-socket. This with the same charging capacity as the wall-socket.

Caritta from Tespack giving Spring offer discount

4. Solar backpack is the lightest in the world
The Tespack Solar Backpack is the lightest solar backpack in the world, because of the lightest solar panel. The only weight you carry, is the weight of your own things inside the solar backpack. This makes traveling lighter.
Lightest solar panel 250 grams

5. Solar backpack tested by well-known people and entities
The Tespack Solar backpack is tested by well-known people: Victoria’s secret model “Ajuma Nasenyana”, the president of the Austrian Space Forum “Gernot Groemer”, Austrian scientist and polar explorer “Klemens Weisleitner”. Also, the big entities: United Nations and Vodafone tested the Solar backpack first hand.

Tespack solar Backpacks for City and Outdoors! 

With this best solar backpack, you are able to pack everything you need and always be able to charge your devices while traveling, hiking, working, camping etc.

There are several Tespack solar backpacks available at Tespack. The Beetle solar backpack which can be easily used by professionals or in the city. The Beetle solar backpack can also be used for traveling and outdoors activities, such as: cycling, fishing and winter sports. The Indie solar backpack has been designed for anyone who wants to be energy Independent but already owns a backpack. Provides four side straps and one on top to attach the backpack to any bag, travelling gear, vehicle, or wearable. Perfect for hiking backpacks as it can be detached and turned into a small bag for those short walks. And perfect to attach to golf-bags in order to stay charged while being a day on a golf course. The Indie solar backpack is designed for extreme environments. Tespack also offers the best Messenger solar backpack which can be used by professionals and students.

Fast charge of your mobile devices

  • Tested by Astronauts, Scientists & Travellers in extreme weather conditions like Antarctica and the Amazons.
  • Passed the strictest inspections at airport security check-ups. 
  • We are a European company providing unique designs
  • We only use premium materials to provide the best customer experience
  • Awarded more than 20+ international awards due to our technology and design
  • Trusted Brand: High Profile Customer Testimonials

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