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Partnership with one of the largest telecoms Orange!

Partnership with Telecom Orange in Jordan! Orange is one of the largest telecommunications corporations, operating worldwide! They are known for land line telephone, mobile telephone, broadband and IPTV (internet protocol television). They are also the 11th largest mobile network operator in the world and the fourth largest in Europe! They have 261 million customers so […]

Important News, New Technology, Partnerships, Solar Backpack

Launching Innovative Energy Tech Solution with Leading NGO Plan International

At Tespack our focus is for fair and equal access to energy in all parts of the world. Especially in those communities where the energy and power is unreachable. What better way to help reach our goal than to partner up with one of the biggest NGOs in the world. Plan International. Over the last […]

Important News, Partnerships, Solar Backpack


What our Partners have to say about Tespack Tespack has been recognised by TNW as one of the Hottest startups in Finland! And why, I hear you ask…well that’s simple. Our vision is to continuously break barriers with technology by specializing in smart mobile energy solutions. Combining the latest solar tech, premium materials and smart […]