Adventures Conquered in 2016!

Year 2016 was a successful one for Tespack. We closed our first investment round, expanded our business operations to further Europe, opened up sales channels to Asia and began working with more governmental organisations and military forces. We developed some novel technologies and created new innovative products (to be launched this spring and with patents pending). Our team grew in size adding ex-head engineer from Nokia Matti Naskali, who became Tespack’s CTO. Victor Alos joined us as mechanical engineer, and a team of talented industrial designers (Charles, Patricia and Alex) are currently working full steam with new concepts and ideas to be prototypes soon (where we will be adding connectivity to everything we manufacture).
Tespack has had a remarkable Journey in 2016! and everything is thanks to our following base and people who is helping us grow as the next brand of commercial SmartWear. So we wanted to highlight and share with you the best moments we had! 

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