A Climb for Technology


Welcome to the Future of Energy

At Tespack we specialise in the development of energy solutions that can be used in the most extreme conditions.

Before releasing our latest energy technology to customers, we ensure the products have been first tested by our ambassadors and energy experts. The best way to make improvements is if we use the products ourselves in real-life environments, as we believe this is the best approach to enhance our technology faster for the benefits of our customers!

With this in mind, we put our CEO Mario Aguilera to the ultimate challenge; sending him to the incredible Mount Kilimanjaro. Here, he was able to test all of our energy products and solar backpacks and report back any improvements and challenges faced with mobile energy under the extreme weather conditions; providing the ultimate energy experience possible to our Tespack community.


Putting our CEO to the ultimate challenge

Mario has combined his technology expertise and Special Forces training in order to create and improve products for the outdoors industry with the help of the professional climbing experts. He has contributed in creating a new  generation of products that can save lives by implementing Mobile Energy solutions for travelers. The ‘Climb for Technology’ Project was initiated with the aim to only sell our products when they’re at their best potential. We do not believe it is fair to sell them to our customers before we have tested them and approved them ourselves.

On the 8th April, Mario set off to climb.

Choosing the least popular month to climb was ideal as the wetness and mud along the route makes the hike a more arduous task. Snowfall and cold temperatures are also prominent. It was definitely the perfect time to test the efficiency of our products. CEO Mario Aguilera. 

Making our products suitable for all weather conditions is a key aim here at Tespack. Intense weather climates can cause phone batteries to drain faster than normal; resulting in the loss of power at the highest point in Africa. Whilst taking our products to Mount Kilimanjaro, we were able to test the efficiency and to adapt the product to preserve the most energy as possible.


Risking our Lives for The Future of Energy

Statistics show that every year, the number of tourists deaths whilst climbing Mount Kilimanjaro reach around 10 fatalities per year. Many of these caused by altitude sickness. With developments to technology and advanced energy solutions, health and safety of climbers whilst embarking on this  adventure can be enhanced. The ability to provide energy solutions to technology that can measure body temperatures and blood pressure can play a huge role in the health and safety of climbers; reducing the death rates and ensuring safety. Our Tespack products are designed to provide energy with this in mind; charging devices that can save lives.

What did we learn?

During our project, cloudier conditions and minimal sunlight were notable; enabling our energy experts to  develop our solar panels to maximise their amount of power. With the lack of sunlight available whilst hiking, a solution was needed to enhance the solar energy. This encouraged our development to our new Solar Power Plant with three panels. The choice to attach more of our Tespack solar panels together enables optimum energy sources and maximum solar absorption, no matter the weather condition; a perfect fit for our solar backpacks.

We also decided to make our products lighter for comfort and transportability. This is how we re-shaped the model. We decided to change the shape and space of our solar cells to enable more sunlight and opportunity for maximum energy sources. The solar power plant can also be attached to tents and other backpacks so you can constantly create solar energy no matter the circumstance!

Stay tuned as we will be launching our new blog series for Mount Kilimanjaro giving you advice on the best technology tips to enhance your adventures!



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Article by: Sophie Graham, Marketing Assistant at Tespack




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