Introducing the new 42W and 80W Foldable Solar Panels! Providing you with more energy from our portable solar panels than ever before…Whether you need just the right amount of energy for your trips, or you need to charge your bigger devices, you now have the best option to suit your needs.

Solar charging on-the-go has never been easier.


With more power than any of our other solar panels now you have the ability to charge your devices using the sun in the same amount of time as using the wall socket.



Although it has a lot of power, that doesn’t mean we are compromising on its size. Fold and store the solar grid into any equipment bag, making it perfect for the hiking trips where you need to quickly charge your devices!


High Solar Efficiency

We are using the highest efficiency in the market to date! In comparison with other solar panels where they use between 12-16%, we use 22%. That means higher quality solar panels to charge all your devices.


Create Your Own Mobile Power Plant

Create even more energy for your devices by creating your own mobile solar plant, by connecting additional panels



Ultra light

Unlike most powerful Solar panels we’re not compromising in size, we have developed a light compact and practical solar grid, for you to easily pack into any bag. Without the weight bringing you down  

42W Solar Panel: 0.8kg 

80W Solar Panel: 1.30kg 


Built in USB Ports

We have incorporated built in USB ports on both the 42W and 80W solar panel grids, recharge your devices from power banks to smartphones!

42W: 1USB port & 1 DC port                                                                                                             80W: 2 USB ports & 1DC port











*Click here for 42W *                                                                                                                                   *Click here for 80W*

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