Get to know all the cool features about the Beetle 20K Solar Backpack! You can multi charge your devices using the 20K and that you are able to power laptops; letting you say goodbye to your laptop cables! BUT, we’re here to tell you some facts that you probably didn’t know and different ways that you are able to uses these products. (It’s not gonna be what you’re  expecting, that’s for sure) 😉

Let’s get started!


Facts about 20K

  • Can use it to heat up a traveling kettle using the DC port (up to 19V)
  • Can power your TV!
  • Can be attached to the beetle solar backpack to amplify the power being given
  • Recharge while charging the power bank. Can power laptops and smartphone at the same time. No need to carry your laptop charger with you.
  • Use the Solar panel from Beetle to recharge the 20K. 2 ways of recharging, either from the wall socket or directly from the sun.


Facts about the Beetle Solar

  • 30L backpack can fit many of your clothes/equipment whatever you need for your journies or adventures
  • The Solar panel is uniquely designed so that it is  easily detachable and can even fit in an airplane window making it easier for you to be more solar and environmentally friendly. Even if you use the airplane.
  • The rain cover (which is sneekly hidden away in its own pouch,  so it’s out of sight) is perfect for those unexpected moments of rain. Protecting your belongings and electronics. Not that the material of the back won’t be protecting enough, you just have the extra assurance.
  • The special 17 inch laptop pocket allows you to store even a bigger laptop you may have.
  • The amazing power bank pocket, within the backpack, gives your power bank the comfort and safety it needs to help you charge all your devices.




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