What is causing your phone battery to die so quickly?
Here are the TOP 5  reasons and the solutions!

We have all had the bane of charging our phone all night only to find that the full capacity is reduced significantly just from the likes of playing 5 songs from our spotify playlist. When spending all night charging our phones to reach full power, the annoyance of this percentage not lasting all day can become restricting in regard to everyday activities. No one should have to carry the extra weight of chargers with them all day, shouldn’t we all just have battery life that can last throughout our busiest of days?

Batteries are very detrimental and so we have devised a list of 5 ways which reduce battery life the most, and what you can do to reduce this. In doing so, you have the chance to preserve your battery life throughout the day up to 60%!

Understand battery charging cycles

The key to saving battery life is to understand how your phone battery can degrade over time. Phone batteries have a limited number of charge and discharge cycles, usually falling between 300 – 500. A charge cycle is a full discharge and charge of the battery, from 0% to 100%. Many of us go through more than a full charge cycle a day. Battery manufacturers say that after about 400 cycles a phone battery’s capacity will degrade by 20%. If you can slow down those charge cycles — if you can extend the everyday battery life of your phone — you can extend its battery lifespan also. Basically, the less you drain and charge the battery, the longer the battery will last.

With this in mind, below are more reasons you can reduce battery usage so that you can save your battery life and minimise your charging cycles; meaning your battery will last much longer.

Extreme temperatures

If you have ever experienced your car battery going ‘flat’ in winter time, then this fact probably won’t surprise you. Unfortunately, phone batteries are no different. Batteries performance can suffer in both cold and hot environments. According to Industrial Battery Products, battery capacity drops about 20% from normal in freezing weather.

It’s a great idea to minimise exposure during colder temperatures and to reduce any battery damage the phone should be kept in coat pockets during minus degrees to maintain battery life. Similarly, in warmer temperatures, be sure to keep your devices in the shade whenever possible, as this again can cause the battery to reduce and also restrict mobile use temporarily.

Overnight charging

Once your smartphone has reached 100 percent charge, and is kept charging when the need has been diminished, the battery will reach a high-stress, high-tension state, which wears down the chemistry within.

It usually becomes a habit before bed to leave our devices charging overnight. However, to improve battery life and to not jeopardise the power of charge for the morning after, it’s a great idea to go to sleep with around 50% and to charge your device throughout the day instead. This reduces the strain on your battery and so will maximise your capacity; allowing you to stay charged for much longer. It is more beneficial for your battery to charge in short spurts throughout the day rather than continuously.

Phone Brightness

Many of us keep our brightness level on 100% throughout the day to improve screen visibility, but little did we know it could affect how long our battery lasts. It is said that if you’re a power user, lowering the brightness setting can get you a good two hours of extra battery life.

An easier solution to this is to also use darker wallpapers and themes. While we’ve known for a while that lowering the brightness on your devices extends the battery life, it’s nice to know just how much it can save you over time.

Wifi Connectivity

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS are some of the biggest battery killers on cell phones because they are always looking for possible connections, networks, or information. Turn off these features in your phone’s settings except when you need them to save power. Some phones, such as Android smartphones, have widgets that offer toggles to turn these features on or off so you can switch on Bluetooth when you’re in the car for hands-free driving or GPS navigation and then turn it off to save your phone’s battery life.

App Usage

Apps now account for over 90% of internet time on smartphones and 77% of internet time on tablets. Whether it be listening to music, or scrolling through Instagram, these applications inevitably take up a lot of battery life. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, there are still various ways to minimise this. Whilst listening to music or watching videos on your devices, it will be a good idea to turn on ‘low power mode’ during these activities. This will ensure battery life is saved during high performance apps.

For applications such as Spotify and Netflix, there is also the option to download songs and episodes whilst connected to WiFi. If you have daily commutes, it will be a great idea to preemptively download songs or episodes you wish to watch and listen to, so when doing so, you can switch your device to airplane mode and still have access to everything you need to keep you entertained on your journeys. This will significantly save battery life as your devices won’t actively try to connect and browsing whilst offline.

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