Battery power. We almost can’t imagine living without it. It allows us to use our electronics while we travel. While commuting, on holiday or even during extreme outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, this energy isn’t everlasting and often limits us from going where we want to and doing what we really want to do. While being in the Special Forces, we experienced this first hand. By training in the most rigid places of South America and using only natural resources, we were able to survive independently for weeks. The only reason which kept us from staying longer, was running out of battery power. That’s when we realized that energy must never be the reason to hold you back. That was the moment, when Tespack was born.

You’re now master of your own energy. Which means no more excuses. From now on, you can travel further, higher and longer.You decide where your journey takes you. How far can you go?

Tespack. Go Further.