Rebels – Martin Szwed

Tespack ambassador, adventurer

Adventure magazines have named him as “The Biggest Climber in the World” (height:206 cm). German TV pointed out that Martin is a rare existing breed of a climber these days, old school, extremist; some might even say crazy. However, no matter what word the media has used for describing him, Martin is for sure “different”.

Committed to a life that not many can endure, Martin has shown that his expeditions have nothing to do with media or money, but more of a challenge to himself in order to live to the fullest: “I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid NOT to live”. This motto of his perfectly describes all of Martin’s achievements, from conquering the highest peak of South America (Aconcagua) to mounting the highest peak in Europe (Elbrus).

When Martin is out on expeditions, he needs reliable and durable equipment so he can capture unseen landscapes and power up his equipment continuously. Our smartpack Andes has been with Martin during his adventures, most recently when he conquered four peaks in Uganda setting 10 records, confirming that our equipment can be used in all climates and weather conditions: “Tespack has proved to be a reliable source of energy as well as being a safe bet for storing it”. With Tespack, Martin knows that he will never run out of energy again.

Martin is now taking charge of his energy, will you do the same?