New Energy Global Startup


New Energy Global Startup is a global pre-EXPO-2017 event organized by JSC “Informational and Analytical Center of Oil and Gas” and supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its key aim is to attract innovative international companies, venture funds and accelerators in order to develop “green economy”, renewable and alternative energy sources.

Issuer: New Energy Global Startup


Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow is a global competition that annually chooses the best early-stage technology startups around the world. It celebrates greatest innovations in technology and science, by choosing top 500 startups worldwide out of 5000 applicants, which applied under 10 different tracks such as “Transportation”, “Data & AI” or “Air Quality”. We are very proud to be chosen as one of the Top 50 startups under “Energy” track, as it shows us that we are revolutionizing the Mobile Energy sector.

Issuer: Hello Tomorrow 2016


Top Startup Finland

Start Tel Aviv that takes place in more than 30 different countries in order to find the best startup in each one. The winner gets an opportunity to take part in experience journey in Tel Aviv’s startup ecosystem. This year the competition was focused on digital and technology startups around the World. Our co-founder and COO Caritta Seppa pitched in front of a panel of judges, formed by technology experts and investors and Tespack was chosen as the best Finnish startup in the competition

Issuer: Top Startup Finland 2016


Top Technology Startup Spain

We started Tespack with the vision of creating innovate products that would bring the “Future Of Energy” to now, and Spain has been part of the plan to achieve it. Winning the Top technology Startups Award Spain 2016 and being recognised by big associations like Actualidad Economica, Caixa Bank, the Spanish Ministry of Energy and Venture Watch, represents a big victory to Tespack’s vision as an international Startup, and pushes us even more to improve our technology.

Issuer: Top Technology Startup Spain




Dell, one of the largest and most well-known computer technology companies in the world, organizes an annual competition where they are looking for the most innovative and disruptive technology companies in the Netherlands. Our co-founder Caritta Seppa pitched at the Dell Startup Competition and put Tespack on the map as one of the top 30 most innovative tech startups in the Netherlands!

Issuer: Dell 2015


Young Bull Award

The White Bull Summits is a well recognized organization that awards and celebrates hard working, innovative startups who demonstrate great traction in the current competitive market. Tespack was one of the winners in the Young Bull category 2015.

IIssuer: White Bull 2015


Top 25 Startups in 2015

Get in the Ring is a well established Dutch organisation that concentrates in startups around their region and provides articles and blogs about the Startup ecosystem in the Netherlands.  In 2015 they launched a blog providing a list of the Top 100 and Top 25 Startups in the Netherlands in which Tespack was nominated in both. 

Issuer: Get in the Ring 2015



Red Herring Award

Red Herring is a worldwide recognized organisation that awards and celebrates exceptional, innovative, top technology companies around the world. This award is one of the most challenging ones to receive as hundreds of Top startups compete on a yearly basis to receive this recognition. Tespack received the Red Herring award in 2014 due to our innovative technology.

Issuer: Red Herring 2014

Top Startups in Finland

Startup100 is a Finnish organisation that chooses the hottest 100 Startups in Finland, measuring each startup according to their media visibility, social media activities and performance. Tespack was chosen as one of the Hottest Startups in Finland 2014.

Issuer: Startup100 2014

Tekes Innovation

The Finnish funding agency for innovation is a Finnish governmental organisation that provides funding for the most innovative and promising companies in Finland. Tespack secured funding from Tekes in 2014 as one of the most innovative startups in Finland.

Issuer: Tekes Innovation 2014

Top 100 Innovators

Open Innovations Forum is organised yearly in Moscow and focuses on future technologies. As part of the forum, they choose the most exciting and innovative startups around the world to become part of the Top 100 Innovators Group. In 2013 Tespack was chosen as one of the Top 100 Innovators of the year.

Issuer: Open Innovations Forum 2013

Outdoor Industry

In 2013 Tespack won  the Outdoor Industry Award in one of the biggest Outdoor Shows in Europe- Outdoor Friedrichshafen.2013.The award was gained through a social media competition where Tespack showed to be one of the most wanted and innovative products.

Issuer: Outdoor Friedrichshafen 2013